Pierre Henry - La Ville CD 22454

Pierre Henry - La Ville CD 22454
French composer Pierre Henry and his radio production "La Ville. Die Stadt [The City] - Metropolis Paris". There is hardly another artist in this century who has so intensively and for so long been engaged as a composer with research into recorded sounds, noises, and voices as Pierre Henry (b. 1927). The techniques of musique concr?te, which he developed with Pierre Schaeffer and which have led to a new language of acoustic art, have influenced all areas of contemporary music from avantgarde to pop. He is also a pioneer of music for loudspeakers.

In 1984 Henry realized the radio piece "La Ville. Die Stadt" commissioned for the "Metropolis" series of the Studio Acoustic Art. "La Ville. Die Stadt" was realized over a two-year period in his Paris studio Son/RÉ. Each of the many sections in the composition is arranged around a special theme such as Traffic, Crowd, Train, Subway, Children, etc. and can be arranged in entirely different compositional patterns. Henry has composed especially for this WERGO CD a new version of "La Ville".

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