Luc Ferrari & Erik M - Visitation LP 22085
[Alga Marghen]

Luc Ferrari & Erik M - Visitation LP 22085
'Visitation', created on April 1st, 2011 is a very unique kind of collaboration between two French sonic artists, master Luc Ferrari and eRikm. Here is eRikm direct testimony about this new work: ?When the sun set on April 1st, 2011 I heard through the windows of my house the repetitive song of a night bird. 'Madeleine' brought me immediately back to Luc Ferrari?s electroacoustic piece 'Presque Rien No 2'. I became curious about comparing the bird that was officiating in the garden of Cap15 (in the North area of Marseille) with the bird of 'Presque Rien'. My curiosity triggered the desire to play Luc's piece in the acoustic space of my house. With my rudimentary recorder I moved inside and outside the house moving back and forth between both spaces. I played with the depth of field, the beat between these two birds separated by 34 years and immersed myself in these acoustic events. This Ursprung or temporal Klein bottle was recorded and edited in one single sequence shot. Very hard to confront with one of the all-time masterpieces of modern creation as Luc Ferrari's 'Presque Rien No 2' but listening to this piece you immediately get the impression of a prefectly accomplished work, published now on LP on your favorite label. So here is the first ever LP by eRikm, elegantly released with 'Presque Rien' iconic mouth picture on the sleeve; dedicated to Brunhild Ferrari and to Natacha Muslera. Edition limited to 350 copies.

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