Hanna Hartman - Longitude/Cratere CD 21586

Hanna Hartman - Longitude/Cratere CD 21586
The second release by Swedish sound artist Hanna Hartman. Until now the two compositions of the album, "Longitude 013° 26° E" and "Cratere", which were originally commissioned pieces for the Swedish Broadcasting Corporation and Deutschland Radio Berlin, have only been available to the public as radio broadcasts. The music is not dependent on the medium of radio however, but consists of concrete sounds composed as independent pieces. The material of the piece Cratere partly consists of recordings of the Italian volcano Etna, whereas much of the material on Longitude 013° 26° E - a longitude which runs through Berlin, Kap Arkona and the Baltic Sea - was recorded on sailing boats. The album cover is to be interpreted as a commentary between map and terrain, an abstraction which points to the difference between the origin of the sounds and its musical form. The terrain can be conceived through the map, the map through the knowledge and experiences which arise from the relation between the two.