Günter Brus - Bodyanalysis / Action 1964-1970 Book+DVD-Box 26576

Günter Brus - Bodyanalysis / Action 1964-1970 Book+DVD-Box 26576
"A core member of the artist collective around Hermann Nitsch, Otto Mühl and Rudolf Schwarzkogler, instigators of 'Viennese Actionism', it was during the early 1960s that Günter Brus staged his first actions in Vienna. Due to the radical nature of his works, Brus soon found himself at odds with the Austrian authorities. Sentenced to six months of close arrest, in 1970 Brus absconded to Berlin. During the subsequent years, his works were shown by a range of internationally renowned museums and galleries. Nowadays, Brus ranks among Austria's most eminent contemporary artists.

The DVD introduces the films 'Körperanalysen' (body analyses), an overview of Actionism movies from 1964-1970 (a. o. Kurt Kren, Otto Mühl, Ernst Schmid Jr.), compiled and presented in a documentary format by Peter Kasperak, as well as Anita Natmessnig's documentary 'Schrecklich verletzlich' (awfully hurt). In addition, the DVD features many slide shows of Actionism photography by a. o. Ludwig Hoffenreich.

Hand-numbered edition of 1000 copies. The packaging consists of a slip lid box with banderole, containing a 80 pages book with photos and texts by Peter Weibel and Theo Altenberg. (label info)