Hermann Nitsch - Traubenfleisch 2LP
[Tochnit Aleph]

Hermann Nitsch - Traubenfleisch 2LP
Edition of 300 copies.
Double Vinyl LP in fullcolour gatefold cover.

Presenting the first perfomance of Hermann Nitsch's grand and large-scale "Traubenfleisch“ symphony.

Recorded September 2nd, 2017 at the 10th Anniversary of the Nitsch Museum in Mistelbach/Austria.

Performed by Orchestra "Klangvereinigung Wien“ and a new local ("Weinviertel") choir formed especially for this occasion.

Composed by Hermann Nitsch 2007-2017
Directed by Andrea Cusumano
Recorded by Daniel Löwenbrück
Mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi
Photography by Heinz Cibulka & Gérard Rancinan

There are also some few copies of the special pre-order edition of 60 copies available including a fullcolour photo-print (21 x 21 cm) signed by Hermann Nitsch and extra loose labels.


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