Attersee und seine Freunde 4CD+DVD-Box 26400

Attersee und seine Freunde 4CD+DVD-Box 26400
4 CD's and DVD of recordings by Austrian painter & musician Christian Ludwig Attersee and his friends. Attersee is noted first and foremost as one of the leading exponents of objective painting in Europe during the last 40 years; he is a lone wolf in nearly all fields of the visual arts. He participated in the project 'Selten Gehörte Musik' (with Dieter Roth, Günter Brus, Hermann Nitsch, Gerhard Rühm, and others). Included in this box is 'Klaviertreiben' with Gerhard Rühm (previously released as an LP in 1981), the work 'Atterseestunde' with Bernd Jeschke, and two CD's of the Concert-Night 'Attersee und seine Freunde' with Günter Brus (2 pieces), Hermann Nitsch (1 piece), Oswald Wiener (3 pieces), H.C. Artmann, Wolfram Berger, Brigitte Schwaiger, Emmet Williams (1 piece), Butch Morris, Arnulf Rainer, Peter Weibel, Ingrid Wiener (2 pieces), Dominik Steiger (1 piece), Gerhard Rühm (4 pieces), Ludwig Gosewitz (1 piece), Geduldig und Thimann (3 pieces), and Markus Lüpertz (1 piece). On the DVD is the film documentation of this night (see the promo video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UD7CULY-56k). Also included is a 132 page booklet with notes (german). Very recommended!