Hermann Nitsch - Requiem für meine Frau Beate 2CD+Booklet 00299
[Alga Marghen]

Hermann Nitsch - Requiem für meine Frau Beate 2CD+Booklet 00299
double cd reissue of the impossible to find Radiotaxi 3LP set from 1977. in digipak with slipcase, 12 page insert, 32 page fullcolour booklet.

"begining 1977, beate nitsch was travelling in schwarzwald. she has been inaugurating a nursery-school and wanted to meet some relatives in stuttgart when, near ulm, she had a terrible car accident. beate had supported her husband's art not only sharing the sentimental part of their life but also actively collaborating to the organisation of his work. she organised the purchase of castle in prinzendorf, the central place where nitsch will develope his orgien mysterien theater. for hermann nitsch this loss was a complete collapse. he suddenly felt to be on the opposite side of life, alone and full of despair. in that days he reached the deepest point of black unhappiness. nitsch decided then to go the naples where he organised a lehraktion at morra gallery. his friend kubelka joined him from usa. during the lehraktion he was told about a big performance festival that would have taken place in bologna. nitsch was invited to partecipate with an aktion to be performed in a big old church. it was clear to nitsch that he would have conceived an aktion dedicated to the memory of beate. a requiem even. before the aktion in bologna hermann nitsch music was basically released as a wall of noise. the musicians could play what they wanted and the only instruction was to play as loud as possible. only the duration, the starting point and the noise level of each instrument was fixed. for the first time with the requiem nitsch started to conceive longer tone clusters, specially for the wind instruments. the perfect acoustics of the church with its wonderful organ, which shocked nitsch with its intensity and power, suggested him a new direction in music. among the lucky audience were many friends coming from all over the world to witness the event. for everyone the requiem was an important and estatic experience. the big success of the aktion gave nitsch the strengh to continue his work. shortly after bologna he was invited to create new aktionen in canada and los angeles. first time 2cd edition, in tri-folded digipack, reproducing the impossible to find 3lp art gallery edition issued in naples in 1977 for the radiotaxi series. including a 12 page folded insert with drawings and directions from the lp boxset original graphics. this edition also includes a 32 page shocking full colour photo documentation of the aktion, for the first time available now. edition of 1000 copies."