Musica Futurista 8CD-Box 26554

Musica Futurista 8CD-Box 26554
8CD box set dedicated to the history of Italian futurist music - put together by Daniele Lombardi - the most complete collection of music ever assembled in reverence of the historical Futurismo movement of the Italian avant garde!

Disc 1 features Daniele Lombardi at the piano performing material by FB Pratella, Silvio Mix, F. Casavola and others, plus the first recording of L Russolo's Intonarumori and Arco Enarmonico.

Disc 2 features Metropolis - a three part composition by Lombardi, where intonarumori (noisemaker) samples are processed digitally.

Disc 3 is the second collection of works by Daniele Lombardi with Gabriella Bartolomei, featuring recordings made for radio.

Disc 4 features "vocal writing" performed by Gabriella Bartolomei and other works.

Disc 5 is a is a tribute to Luigi Russolo.

Disc 6 is a complete collection of all FT Marinetti's "declamazioni", from 1920 to 1935.

Disc 7 features "Zavod", a famous orchestral score by A Mossolov and a collection of famous songs and piano compositions by H Cowell.

Disc 8 features Roberto Fabbricianni's futuristic scores for solo flute.

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