Voices of Dada CD 27061

Voices of Dada CD 27061
"Voices of Dada features rare interviews and poetry readings by six key Dada anti-artists recorded between 1932 and 1967. All material has been carefully digitally remastered, and the booklet features images and detailed historical notes by James Hayward. Full tracklist: Marcel Duchamp 'A l'infinitif' (1967), Hans Arp 'Dada-Sprüche' (1961), Marcel Duchamp Interview #1 (1959), Richard Huelsenbeck 'Phantastiche Gebete' (1967), Richard Huelsenbeck Interview - complete (1959), Tristan Tzara 'Pour compte' (1948), Kurt Schwitters 'Die Sonata in Urlauten' (1932), Marcel Duchamp Interview #2 (1959), Kurt Schwitters 'An Anna Blume' (1932), Raoul Hausmann 'bbb' + 'fmsbw' + 'kp'erioum' (all 1956).