Futurism & Dada Reviewed (1912-1959) 27045 CD

Futurism & Dada Reviewed (1912-1959) 27045 CD
"definitive collection of original sound recordings by key artists from the Futurist and Dada art movements. The booklet features detailed historical notes (in English) on the artists featured, as well as full recording information. Full tracklist: Luigi Russolo 'Risveglio di una Cita', Antonio Russolo 'Corale' (1921), F.T. Marinetti 'Sintesi Musicali Futuriste' (1931), Antonio Russolo 'Serenata' (1921), F.T. Marinetti 'La Battaglia di Adrianopoli' (1924), F.T. Marinetti 'Definizione di Futurismo' (1924), Luigi Grandi 'Cavalli + Acciaio' (1935), Wyndham Lewis 'End of Enemy Interlude' (1940), Guillaume Apollinaire 'Le Pont Mirabeau' (1912), Tristan Tzara, Marcel Janco, Richard Huelsenbeck 'L'amiral cherche une maison a louer', Marcel Duchamp 'La mariee mise a nu par ses celibataires meme (musical erratum)', Richard Huelsenbeck 'Inventing Dada' (1959 interview), Tristan Tzara 'Dada into Surrealism' (1959 interview), Kurt Schwitters 'Die Sonata In Urlauten' (1932), Jean Cocteau 'La Toison d'Or' and 'Le Voleurs d'Enfants' (both 1929).