Franco Casavola - Futurismo / Futurlieder CD 26437

Franco Casavola - Futurismo / Futurlieder CD 26437
Futurlieder is the very first anthology by Italian Futurist composer, theorist and writer Franco Casavola. Invited to join the Futurist movement by F.T. Marinetti in 1922, Casavola wrote a number of scores for theatre productions, including the mechanical ballets Anihccam del 3000 and Fantasia Meccanica. He also produced a number of essays and manifestos on future music, and even a Futurist novel,Introduction to Madness. Casavola broke with Futurism in 1927, and afterwards scored movies.

All 28 tracks on Futurlieder were recorded by Italian duo Daniele Lombardi (piano) and Susanna Rigacci (soprano) between 1994 and 2004. The set was produced by Carlo Piccardi for Radio Svizzera/Rete-Due, with whom this project is a co-production.