Erik Satie - Dada Works & Entr'actes CD 25376

Erik Satie - Dada Works & Entr\'actes CD 25376
An enthusiastic Dada activist in Paris between 1920 and 1924, Satie collaborated extensively with Tristan Tzara, Man Ray, Pablo Picasso and Jean Cocteau, wrote often in Francis Picabia's journal 391, and was a sworn enemy of the proto-Surrealist faction lead by Andre Breton. According to Man Ray, Satie was "the only composer who had eyes." All of Satie's principle Dada-related works are included on this unique 70 minute CD, including: Trois morceaux en forme de poire, performed by Satie in July 1923 at Tzara's notorious Soir?e du Coeur a barbe, at which fighting broke out between Tzara's supporters and the proto-Surrealist faction; Ragtime Dada, an extract from the ballet Parade performed at a series of Dada soirees by Kurt Schwitters in 1922; Entr'acte and Cinéma, both scores for Picabia's multi-media 'instantaneist' ballet Reléche performed in 1924. Cinéma was Satie's custom score for the celebrated intermission film by René Clair, while for their curtain call Satie and Picabia drove onstage in a tiny car, resplendent in jewels and furs, the whole production amounting to a dazzling act of anti-art provocation. Both are Satie's arrangements for solo piano. All pieces are performed on piano by Bojan Gorisek, and the booklet includes archive images and detailed historical notes by James Hayward.