Bauhaus Reviewed 1919-1933 CD 25374

Bauhaus Reviewed 1919-1933 CD 25374
An illuminating 72 minute audio review of the Bauhaus, based on a lengthy interview with founding architect/director Walter Gropius, together with contributions from Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Josef Albers, as well as relevant musical interludes (composed 1919-1925) from Arnold Schoenberg, Stefan Wolpe, Josef Matthias Hauer, George Antheil and Hans Heinz Stuckenschmidt. The featured interview extracts are all English language, and offer a comprehensive overview of Bauhaus history, staff and theory; the musical selections are performed by pianists Steffen Schleiermacher and Edward Steuermann. The deluxe booklet features archive Bauhaus images and detailed historical notes by James Hayward.

Full tracklist: Walter Gropius interview (9 extracts); Josef Albers interview (2 extracts); Ludwig Mies van der Rohe interview (1 extract); Josef Matthias Hauer - Phantasie Op. 17; Stefan Wolpe - Variation, Stehende Musik; George Antheil - Little Shimmy; H.H. Stuckenschmidt - Marsch Alexander des Grossen über die Brücken von Hamburg; Arnold Schoenberg - Piano Piece *1 Op 23, Suite for Piano Op 25.