Surrealism Reviewed CD 25373

Surrealism Reviewed CD 25373
Surrealism Reviewed is a companion CD to the acclaimed collection Futurism & Dada Reviewed. For the very first time, original recordings by the key Surrealist artists, writers, artists and theorists have been gathered together on a single volume. Made between 1929 and 1963, these historic recordings include poetry, interviews, lectures and manifestos. Most are in the English language, some in French (FR), while those by Robert Desnos (1938) and Herbert Read (1937) have not been heard since they were first recorded onto acetate discs.Running for 74 minutes and featuring detailed sleevenotes, the disc is a must for all students of 20th Century art and literature and the avant garde, as well as left-field musical ideas and endeavour. The cover reproduces This Morning (1951) by Yves Tanguy. Full tracklist: Marcel Duchamp The Creative Act (1957); Andre Breton Interview (1950) (FR); Robert Desnos Description of a Dream (1938); Louis Aragon Interview (1963) (FR); Max Ernst Interview (1960s); Salvador Dali Interview (1963); Tristan Tzara Interview (1959) (FR); Andre Breton L'union Libre (n.d.); Philippe Soupault Interview (1959) (FR); Man Ray Interview (n.d.); Roland Penrose Interview (1946); Lee Miller Interview (1946); Herbert Read The Surrealist Object (1937); Jean Cocteau La Toison d'or (1929)