Ray Gallon - Nam June Paik 'A Work for Radio' MC 24721
[The Tapeworm]

Ray Gallon - Nam June Paik \'A Work for Radio\' MC 24721
This hour-long compositional documentary was produced for the CBC Radio Series ?Signature,? and was originally broadcast on April 28, 1979. It was nominated for an ACTRA award for best radio documentary of the year. It is the result of a remarkable creative collaboration by artists such as John Cage, Charlotte Moorman, Philip Corner, and Nam June Paik himself with the author. Interspersed throughout the portrait are audio realisations by Ray Gallon of conceptual works by Nam June Paik.

Ray Gallon has been a communicator for over 40 years, half of that time as a radio producer and audio artist. Although he had a classical music education, Ray gravitated early towards the avant-garde, and was fascinated by musique concr?te, electronic music, so-called progressive jazz, and the multitrack experiments of the rock revolution in the sixties. His first exposure, on television, to the work of John Cage came very close to the moment when he wandered into a cinema by chance, and saw Fellini?s 8 1/2. The one-two punch of these experiences left him delirious for the rest of his life.