Philip Corner - More from the Judson Years Vol.2 CD 25261
[Alga Marghen]

Philip Corner - More from the Judson Years Vol.2 CD 25261
more from the judson years, early 60s: instrumental-vocal works (volume two) not everything i did in those days was at the judson memorial church, yet not to forget that extraordinary place where so much of the new and exciting performances...and exhibitions... at that most interesting time in new york, took place. an unusual young pastor, al carmines, set up the place for those things. there was a theater there; and a place for the first happenings. an art gallery ......and later the famous dance theater.

there was my first performance when back to the city after military service. from korea. may 1961. the concert was in early 1962. january 2nd, to be exact. handwritten change on typescript: yoko ono's studio --- changed at last moment to judson church. a lot of players; and a lot of pieces. announced. (not nearly all of them done, actually, then, there.) almost not done at all. meeting yoko again. but fleeting - maybe at a subway stop. the concerts done at her place during my year away. some of my old friends, like toshi ichiyanagi, and dick maxfield. and a lot of new names from california. dick higgins and alison knowles the connection between my old new york and this new scene. george maciunas and his ag gallery----about to close. final concerts by candlelight. otherwise i'd have been organising my concert there. other re-connections to old associates: john herbert mcdowell, malcolm goldstein. new ones: jim tenney,carolee schneemann, malcolm's wife the dancer arlene rothlein, jackson mac low, a-yo. but yoko herself was pulling out of the place. not to be found. and the loft permission useless in the face of an adamant landlord's refusal.

the creation of the dance theater: my involvement with it from the beginning/ would come later. (that participation documented on the alga marghen recording "on tape from the judson years? - cd: as most of my electronic music at that time was made for dancers; and the majority of them associated with the judson.)

so here are the performance pieces i was making in this period, working with live musicians. a good number of these performances were also for and with dancers.. ..but not all.