Dieter Roth - Books & Multiples Book+CD 27352
[Walther König]

Dieter Roth - Books & Multiples Book+CD 27352
Comprehensive and complete monograph about Dieter Roths books & multiples including his music records, tapes, artists-books etc.

31x24 cm, hardcover, english text, 750 colour illustrations, includes a CD with Dieter Roth’s music and sound recordings from 1973 - 1991.

"Dieter Roth was a multifaceted artist, as Volume 3 in the series of books featuring works from the Dieter Roth Foundation makes abundantly clear. He worked in many media, and Books + Multiples includes over 200 artist’s books, forty multiples, jewelry, films, videos, tapes, records, and posters produced over a fifty-year period.

Beginning in the 1950s, Dieter Roth took the artist’s book in new directions. Starting with op-art and visual poetry books, he then experimented with all aspects of offset printing and by the 1990s was producing “copy books,” using photocopiers. His multiples were equally innovative, incorporating materials such as chocolate, sugar, and spices.

Dieter Roth began filmmaking in his mid-twenties, and his interest in moving images and sound remained to the end. The jewelry editions shed light on a little known aspect of his early work, while the last section of the book shows all his poster designs."

Curated and with a text by Dirk Dobke
320 pages, 750 colour illustrations
31×24 cm, cloth, dust jacket