John Duncan - Riot LP 28168

John Duncan - Riot LP 28168
"This release of RIOT is the one that I have always wanted to hear. This is so much more than a re-release: the original 8-track master has been re-recorded and re-mixed, with other tracks recorded at the time and excluded from the first LP that are now added here, thanks to Daniel Araya at EMS in Stockholm who managed to get a working model of the long-obsolete machine that the master was recorded on, turning the impossible to a done deal. All of them have now been mastered as I originally intended, in this LP sounding exactly as they always should have.

The cover art is also vastly superior: a photo from the first version of RAGE ROOM, far more effective than the hand silkscreened cover that I was forced to accept in a version that was already seriously compromised. This time it's perfect.

AND it gets even better. Mastered and cut expertly by Rashad Becker and pressed in black vinyl, iDEAL could easily have stopped there but no -- a splatter vinyl limited edition version is available as well!

If there is any one must-have release that defines my work in sound, this is it."

- John Duncan, March 2018.

Black Vinyl, Edition of 300 copies.