David Jackman - Verhalte Dich Ruhig CD 00965
[Die Stadt]

David Jackman - Verhalte Dich Ruhig CD 00965
"Long time announced re-release of a very rare cassette (edition of 61 copies only) from 1996. The two pieces can be seen as the first step into a direction which later developed into the 'Laus' 7inch (DS17), Sternklare Nacht CDR & Rabenfeld CDR (Flugzeug Schallplatten) and also the Machine Gun pieces. Found sounds (here a real orchestra) overlaid and altered making this a very strange listening experience indeed. 'For a live performance any number of musicians using any instrumentation play along with the tape as best they can' (from the liner notes of the cassette). Full color booklet. 700 copies."

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