The New Blockaders / Putrefier - Schleifmittelbögen LP 20723

The New Blockaders / Putrefier - Schleifmittelbögen LP 20723
Excellent 2006 collaboration by Richard Rupenus (raw material) and Mark Durgan (location recordings, processing, mix. Really great pieces of extreme musique-concrete and noise accoustics. Very recommended. 'Schleifmittelbögen' is something of a return to form for TNB and Putrefier while also offering fresh interpretations of earlier work such as 'Changez les Blockeurs', 'Pulp' and 'Salute' Acoustic and field recordings are used to create unexpected sounds that punctuate the work, adding a new dimension to the all out sonic assault you have come to expect from these two artists. The cracking of tiles being extracted from a roof, the creak of a rusty sewing machine table combined with a variety of 'natural' sounds will make this a surprise to anyone who thinks there is everything to know about TNB and Putrefier."

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