Jacques Thollot - More Intra Musique LP 28150
[Alga Marghen]

Jacques Thollot - More Intra Musique LP 28150
Edition of 350 copies.

Produced in collaboration with the legendary Jac Berrocal’s label d’Avantage, “More Intra Musique” is the second LP in alga marghen’s series dedicated to previously unreleased recording by the drummer and experimentalist Jacques Thollot. While the furious “Intra Musique” free jazz first LP was centered on a live recording with Michel Portal, Eddie Gaumont and Mimi Lorenzini at the Faculty of Law in Paris, on an evening in 1969, it is an unexpected Jacques Thollot that we encounter on this second LP, vivid and blazing even more than we already knew.

Jacques Thollot was a major force in the French free jazz scene, collaborating with artists at the level of Don Cherry, Steve Lacy, Sonny Sharrock, Joachim Kühn as well as with French pioneers Jef Gilson and Barney Wilen. Starting from 1971 he released “Quand le son devient aigu, jeter la giraffe a la mer” or “Watch Devil Go” on Futura and Palm Records, or some of the most relevant and revolutionary sonic masterpieces in France.

“More Intra Musique” is free improvisations of course, but also synthetic jitters, musique concrète and loop experiments, sketched pop songs, minimalist trances with African accents, or simply the promiscuity of a lullaby or the voice of a child posed like a bird in a Norman garden. These long lost visionary recordings featuring Eddie Gaumon on prepared piano and Jacques Thollot on drums, piano, prepared piano, synth and tapes are an absolute revelation which make us rethink everything we know about French free improvisation.

Tape manipulation created as a potential background for a live set? Bursting rehearsal with Eddie Gaumont? Is the piano well prepared?

Besides the stingy mention “Intra Musique” sticked on the reel, nothing is known of this recording. Who cares really?

Let’s just play it loud!


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