Smegma - Look’n For Ya LP 27854
[Alga Marghen]

Smegma - Look’n For Ya LP 27854
Edition of 100 copies.

"In 1973 when Smegma (The Band) was born they had only one rule… NO MUSICIANS! That way they could re-invent the musical wheel with a new Primitive, suburban, anti-hippie approach. 44 years later perhaps the world is ready for their previously unpublished first full LP of original and uncompromising sounds.

At the time we they thought they were on a solitary journey, but shortly after these recordings it was discovered that there was another local group, The Los Angeles Free Music Society, that we shared that we shortly became a part of to this day.

Originally recorded in 1973-75 at the house in Pasadena they all lived in by Ju Suk Reet Meate and Dr. Id. These previously unreleased tracks feature vocals of a different kind with no overdubs or mixing. Including the 1960’s L.A. Freak and street singer Wild Man Fischer reprising his dance tune “The Taster”, a straightforward Memphis/rockabilly slow dance ballad “Red Cadillac and a Black Moustache” and examples of their unique “Group-singing-style” that has to be heard to be believed. Opening and closing their first LP are vocals by someone they had never met, a local C.B. Radio operator who’s handle was Turkey Mon who had such a hi power transmitter that his signal was picked-up by the Tape-head as they recorded!

On this record Smegma is: Ace Farren Ford, Ju Suk Reet Meate, Cheez-it-Ritz, Chuck-O-Fats (D.K.), Amazon Bambi, Dennis Duck, the Rev. Toad-Eater, Paul Rioux, Cheezbro, Reed Burns, Binky Brown, Craig, Jason, Peter, Bev, Turkey Mon, and few others…

Smegma Sound as you never heard them before!

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