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Robin Hayward - States of Rushing CD 25709

Robin Hayward - States of Rushing CD 25709
Robin Hayward has completely redefined the tuba as sound-producing medium, releasing a sonic potential which ranges between the extremes of noise and microtonality. Upon first listening, one finds it unimaginable that many of these sounds can be produced on a tuba, but Hayward has dedicated his life not only to empirical experimentation, but also to the academic scientific study of the acoustics of brass instruments. Rarely has a musician of this caliber immersed himself so deeply in the boundaries of his instrument.

The resulting compositions make demands on us: they force us to sense the air pressure in contact with the physical world without framing the sounds in the conventions of contemporary or traditional music. In this sense, Hayward's approach is refreshing and revolutionary. In these extraordinary recordings there is no cultural intermediary - it is as if we find ourselves inside the instrument itself, being pushed back and forth against the walls of a giant membrane or tunnel; left to our own metaphorperceiving natural processes, minimal music, mechanical movement.

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