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Miron Bialoszewski - plays Adam Mickiewicz CD 23969

Miron Bialoszewski - plays Adam Mickiewicz CD 23969
'Singing. Speaking. Exactly. Moreover: the kind of difference between them? Supposedly clear. But where does the border line go? Is it terminology? Is it stretching the syllables (or even sounds)? Or altering the pitch? Or rhythm? Perhaps trembling of the voice? With stretching? (...) Often we had particular speakings (calculated according to its own melody but still speakings), straightforward singing and singing-speakings, on the edge, which turned out to be pretty broad as variety of almost singings was turning out, crooning speaking, sections of monotones or the opposite - rhythmic pile-ups becoming music out of its own urge. Hence there was no point in bringing foreign, outer music, music as such - apart from acoustics of objects playing their roles or rhythm of walking (e.g., drumming buskins)'

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