Brut Now - Art Brut in Technological Times Book 27630
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Brut Now - Art Brut in Technological Times Book 27630
248 pages, 21x25cm, bilingual english/french

Reference catalogue that examines the notion of Art Brut in a time of new technologies. The first section of the volume features a selection of essays by specialists; the second and richly illustrated section introduces the works of 28 iconic or emerging artists.

It is always a surprising thing to realize how much time is needed to put an exhibit together. “Brut Now – Art Brut in the Technological Era” was born out of a one­day conference that took place on May 14, 2013. Institutional and independent specialists had reflected on the relationship between Art Brut and technology before a captivated public. By the end of the day, it was clear that this subject would be a milestone and would become a precedent. The audience was all the more attentive because it could sense the direct relationship between these debates and Belfort as an industrial region.

We were thus excited to see these avenues of research, these reflections that had punctuated the day, take form two years later. “Brut Now” henceforth federates figures as brilliant as Christian Berst, a Parisian gallery director and a specialist of Art Brut, and Brut Pop, working hard to give a voice to and create a space for the autistic. Their thoughts are now in dialogue with those of Valérie Perrin and Nicolas Surlapierre. Damien Meslot & Marie Rochette de Lempdes

Works by Jean Perdrizet, Ionel Talpazan, Jean Lefèvre, Zorro, Miroslav Tichý, Albert Moser, Eugene Von Bruenchenhein, Terry Davis, Óscar Morales, John Urho Kemp, Enzo Schott, Alexandro Garcia, Melvin Way, Horst Ademeit, Yohann, Bintou, Luboš Plný, Éric Benetto, Pepe Gaitán, Dan Miller, Zdenek Košec, Jean-Marie Massou, Hans Krüsi, Brutpop, Vivian Grezzini, Les Harry's, Rhalidou, Bigmoserview.

Published on the occasion of the exhibition “Brut Now – Art brut in technological times,” Museums of Belfort and Espace multimédia Gantner, from October 29, 2016, to January 16, 2017.