Block Mágico / Magic Block (Saavedra / LaBelle) Book 27497
[Errant Bodies]

Block Mágico / Magic Block (Saavedra / LaBelle) Book 27497
Edited by Soledad García Saavedra and Brandon LaBelle. 220 pages, spanish / english language

This book engages the creative and critical strategies at play in works of recent Chilean art that emerge from a reflection on the politics of invisibility: how the operations of the seen and the unseen are understood to perform equally within the material realities of Chilean society. Stemming from two exhibitions and seminars held in Bergen, Norway, and Santiago de Chile, curated and organized by Soledad García Saavedra and Brandon LaBelle, Magic Block underscores the processes of appearance and disappearance, memory and forgetting, writing and erasure as social and psychological intensities. Through the works of Chilean artists and writers, the publication highlights art as a powerful platform for working through the political structures that hold the body in a phantasmic grip, and which can be traced and appropriated through unsteady acts of magic. Expressions of secrecy, camouflage, forgetfulness, dematerialization and covert occupation thus enable a giving narrative to those memories that are often subordinated by history.

Including works by the participating artists:
Catalina Bauer
Juan Downey
Claudia Missana
Eugenio Téllez
Sandra Vasquez de la Horra
Michelle-Marie Letelier
Rainer Krause
Gonzalo Díaz/Justo Pastor Mellado
Voluspa Jarpa
Enrique Ramírez

With written contributions by:
Soledad García Saavedra
Cristián Gómez Moya
Fernando Pérez Villalón
Camila Marambio
Justo Pastor Mellado
Carla Macchiavello
Sebastián Vidal Valenzuela
Sergio Rojas
Florian Wüst
Michele Galletti
Valentina Montero
Mara Polgovsky Ezcurra
Paz Guevara
Luna Montenegro &Adrian Fischer


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