Volume #2 Magazine 21922
[Les Presses du Réel]

Volume #2 Magazine 21922
Bilingual french/english, 144 pages, A4, colour. Second issue of the contemporary art journal about sound, devoted to the complex relationships between visual and sound forms, both in contemporary art and history, around the problematics of voice and oralness.

Featuring: monographs (Anthony McCall, Vittorio Santoro, Loreto Troncoso Martinez, Benjamin Seror, Anna Barham), analysis (Radiotopia by Manuel Cirauqui, From verbivoco-visual poetry to the spatialization of words by Audrey Illouz, An evening of poetry and other inspiring speeches by Franck Leibovici), interview with Mathieu Copeland, Focus on Artur Zmijewski, interventions (Marcelline Delbecq, Christian Alandete)...

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