Volume #4 Magazine 23699
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Volume #4 Magazine 23699
128 pages, 21x27cm, bilingual english/french. Fourth issue of the contemporary art journal about sound: Mark Leckey, Ruth Ewan, Tom Marion and the sonic explorations in San Francisco Bay, notes on Robert Morris' 21.3, interview with Pierre Henry, the Louie Louie project, special interventions by Dora Garcia and Hannah Rickards, etc. "Volume is neither a musical magazine, nor a magazine about sound art; rather, it sees sound from the angle of the visual arts. The history of relations between sound and art is not recent, but the past few years have seen many more works, exhibitions, publications and other events whose aesthetic and theoretical content attests to a growing interest in this medium, and the various ways it is used. Through a broad range of critical and artistic contributions, it is Volume's intent to represent a platform observing and analyzing this dynamic, while at the same time being sure to re-position it within a historical perspective."

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