Dany Devos (DDV) - Performances 1977-2011 Book 23490
[Club Moral]

Dany Devos (DDV) - Performances 1977-2011 Book 23490
PERFORMAN DDV is a catalogue of all performances by Belgian Artist Danny Devos (DDV) from Club Moral from 1979 to 2011. PERFORMAN DDV is the first major publication on his performance work and comes in a luxury edition: Hardcover book 230x300mm, 320 pages, 275 photos b/w + colour, 12 page interview with DDV. DANNY DEVOS is an influential Belgian artist working in performance, body art, installations and industrial music since the late 1970s. He explores existential, social and artistic border situations and confrontation with his audience. He created 160 performances, many dealing with endurance, personal danger and psychological terror. His 1990s sculptures and installations are inspired by true crime, for which he corresponded with several multiple murderers in Belgium and the U.S.A.