White Fungus Issue 11 Magazine+CD 25398
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White Fungus Issue 11 Magazine+CD 25398
White Fungus issue 11 is the first to be produced in Taiwan since the publication relocated there in 2009. It was released with an interdisciplinary arts event at New York gallery P.P.O.W. The issue includes an article by renowned Beijing critic Yan Jun on the development of the experimental music scene in China plus new artworks by Taiwan artists Yao Jui-chung Su Hui-yu Cheng Shih-chun and an intterview with Isa Ho. German writer Tobias Fischer writes on the tension between classicism and the avant-garde in the work of composer Miya Masaoka while New York musician David Watson is interviewed about his use of bagpipes in advancing the concepts of minimalism plus there is a history of pioneering Japanese noise group Hijokaidan. Editor Rudolph Hudsucker takes a critical look at Post-Colonialism in contemporary art in an article accompanied by artworks by controversial Australian Aboriginal artist Richard Bell and Maori artist Peter Robinson and there is a series of works by Auckland artist Dan Arps (recent winner of New Zealand’s prestigious Walters Prize). New Zealand comics artist Tim Bollinger presents his new twenty-page adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde while Harold Grieves reviews The Invisible Committee’s incendiary The Coming Insurrection which resulted in its alleged authors’ arrest by the French government. There is poetry from McArthur Gunter and Peggy Chang plus an-depth history of New Zealand’s neoliberal economic reforms the most far-reaching to take place in any industrial state