Gordon Monahan - Seeing Sound (1978-2011) Book+DVD 26740
[Robert Mclaughin Gallery]

Gordon Monahan - Seeing Sound (1978-2011) Book+DVD 26740
160 pages, hardcover, full colour, 19.5cm x 25cm, English. "Seeing Sound: sound art, performance and music 1978-2011 is the first comprehensive monograph on Gordon Monahan’s uncompromising and radically innovative artist's multifaceted body of work. This trilingual book—with parallel text in English, French, and German—was published in conjunction with the 2011 multisite retrospective exhibition of Monahan’s work of the same title. This book begins with three texts about Monahan’s body of work, then goes on to detail 45 of his works with descriptions, scores, and documentary images. Video documentation for 14 of these works is included on a DVD that comes with the book. This publication was co-published by the four Ontario galleries that presented the exhibition: Maclaren Art Centre, Barrie; Doris McCarthy Gallery, Scarborough; Blackwood Gallery, Mississauga; and The Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa."