Peter Liechti - Hans im Glück DVD 26634
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Peter Liechti - Hans im Glück DVD 26634
Swiss/-German language with German / English / French subtitles available.

"Hans im Glück» is the story of a man who sets out to get rid of his habit of smoking. Thus he plans to walk from Zurich, his present residence, «back» to his native town St. Gallen, where he startet to smoke a long time ago. He is prepared to repeat this journey - everytime choosing an other route - so often until his goal has been achieved: finally non-smoker! By way the ritual walking across the countryside and the strict ban on smoking he imposes on himself on the way, he hopes to be freed of his burdening vices. This search for the source of his addiction becomes more and more an actual search for his home, an attempt to re-establish the connection with his own origin. All these landscapes, encounters and recollections, that he walks through on his mostly rather strange non-smoker’s trips, finally form the basis to a cinematic heaven and hell ride right across his fatherland - with occasional excursions far beyond the borders." Also appearing is Dieter Roth with a "Scheisse-Lesung“ and the action "Aktion mit einem Hocker“ by Roman Signer.