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Carol Robinson & Cathy Milken - Cross Currents DVD-Rom 24280

Carol Robinson & Cathy Milken - Cross Currents DVD-Rom 24280
A DVD ROM with one application that must be installed on your computer. Each time you will click on start, a new music will be created ! An open work, a never ending music. Performers : Cathy Milliken (Oboe, English horn), Carol Robinson (clarinets). Computer program : Tom Mays. Mastering : Daniel Deshays. DVD ROM for Mac and PC. 'Composers and performers, Carol Robinson and Cathy Milliken take us on an odyssey, a musical experience constantly renewed and never to be repeated. Using the magic of live electronics, the two artists have created Cross-Currents, a new kind of 'open work', an emancipated genre heralded by St?phane Mallarm? (the Book) then brought to light in the 20th century by several dedicated visionaries (Marcel Duchamp, James Joyce, Alexander Calder, John Cage, Raymond Queneau...).' Minimum system configuration : Mac OS 10.4.11 minimum, Windows xp, Vista, Windows 7 - 2gb ram.