Mauricio Kagel - Der Tribun CD 25571

Mauricio Kagel - Der Tribun CD 25571
Since 1969 the composer and intermedia artist Mauricio Kagel has produced all his radio plays for the Westdeutscher Rundfunk. For several pieces he received international awards. These works have left their mark not only on the history of acoustic art, but have also provided a lasting stimulus to the theory and practice of media. Both works included on this CD, "Der Tribun" and " ... nach einer Lektüre von Orwell", are extreme expressions of different forms of totalitarian rule, which are nevertheless complementary in their intentions and realities. "Der Tribun" received the Radio-Play Prize of Veterans Blinded in War in 1980.

Mauricio Kagel: speaker, musical conductor / Dieter Hufschmidt, Christian Rode, Ingrid van Bergen: speakers / Carin Levine: flute / Adam Bauer: trumpet / Georg Kröll: organ / Manos Tsangaris: percussion / Chor des WDR / Herbert Schernus: conductor / Klaus Schöning: editor

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