Conlon Nancarrow - As Fast As Possible CD 26207

Conlon Nancarrow - As Fast As Possible CD 26207
"Apart from his central work Studies for Player Piano, Nancarrow's Oeuvre can be classified in three groups of live instrumental compositions: the early works (ca. 1930-1947) - this period covers compositions such as Septet (1939) which was rediscovered only in 1990 and is now presented on this CD, or the cycle Suite for Orchestra composed in 1940 which is contained on the present CD as well. Other instrumental works, written in parallel with further pieces for player piano, can be ascribed to the creative period from 1984 to ca. 1993, among them being, for example,Three Movements for Chamber Orchestra (1993). A handwritten note in the scores indicates that some of them are transcriptions which were created with the collaboration of Nancarrow's assistant. This practice signifies the transition to the composer's late creative period which is characterized by transcriptions of both his own works and works by other composers, compositions which were written primarily for the purpose of concert performances." Includes the pieces "Suite for Orchestra", "Studies for Player Piano No. 16, 20, 26, 32 and 44", "Three Movements for Chamber Orchestra", "Septet. Fragment", as well as Paul Usher's "Nancarrow Concerto for Pianola and Chamber Orchestra".

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