Jakob Ullmann - Fremde Zeit Addendum 4CD-Box 26904
[Edition RZ]

Jakob Ullmann - Fremde Zeit Addendum 4CD-Box 26904
4CD-Box by German composer Jakob Ullmann with bilingual (german/english) booklet. Including the pieces "Disappearing musics for six players" (for wind instruments, violin, piano, 1989?1991), "Solo I", "Solo II", "Solo 3" (for wind instruments and organ, 1992-2010), "Komposition für Streichquartett 2" (for string quartet, 1997-1999), "Praha: Celetné - Karlova - Maiselova" (for voice, wind instruments, string instruments, percussion, tape, 2004-2007), "Solo III" (for solo organ, 1992/1993)

"Thus, Ullmann creates a quiet music in order to give himself and his listeners the opportunity to hear more, and better. This comes about because our ability to hear is augmented when listening to quiet music. We hear better because we make an effort to hear better. That is why Ullmann likes to locate his sound sources at the periphery, so as not to make it too easy for the ear. In order to let sounds develop and move on their own time, the pieces are usually longer than the general concert norm dictates. The opening minutes serve as the exposition of the tempo and the mode, to condition, as it were, the listening."

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