Alvin Lucier - (Amsterdam) Memory Space CD 25238

Alvin Lucier - (Amsterdam) Memory Space CD 25238
Written in 1970, the score instructs: 'Go to an outside environment (urban, rural, hostile, benign) and record by any means (memory, written notations, tape recordings) the sound situations of those environments. Returning to an inside performance space at any time later, re-create, solely by means of your voices and instruments and with the aid of your memory devices (without additions, deletions, improvisation, interpretation) those outside sound situations.' MAZE, 'ensemble for exploratory music', delivers a new version of this piece. MAZE is an electroacoustic ensemble dedicated to performing music that challenges the idea of fixed form and a fixed listening perspective. The aim of the ensemble is to offer the listener different forms of navigating their own path in the music. With Anne La Berge (flute and electronics), Dario Calderone (contrabass), Gareth Davis (bass clarinet), Reinier Vanb Houdt (piano and electronics), Wiek Hijmans (guitar), Yannis Kyriakides (computer and electronics).

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