David Tudor - Microphone CD 25251

David Tudor - Microphone CD 25251
"long out of print, this is the first CD reissue by cramps, digitally remastered, originally released on LP in 1973 as number 16 in the Nova Musicha series - the work is an exploration of space and sound through feedback; the album features two long tracks -- "Mix A" and "Mix B" -- and both appear to involve spare sounds in space, filtered through additional electronics -- often with the effect of a microphone feeding back, then suddenly halted. Tudor manipulates the sounds enough to pull out some compelling waveforms, especially on "Mix B" -- and the album offers up a much darker side of his music than you might expect from the early years. recorded at center for contemporary music, mills college, oakland, california. includes 12-page booklet with photographs, score and liner notes in italian. the cover and label state the two tracks are 27:30 in length each, however they are actually longer."

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