An Anthology of Greek Experimental Electronic Music (1966-2016) 2LP 28419
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An Anthology of Greek Experimental Electronic Music (1966-2016) 2LP 28419
Experimental Electronic Music is generally expected to be highly variegated, especially when examined in a breadth of several decades, and with respect to all sorts of artistic, academic, subcultural and other influences. What is not so obvious, however, is that the very notion of Greekness, as well as its contextual and historical offshoots, are highly diversified, too. This anthology is an attempt to map the various kinds of Experimental musics that have been produced by Greeks over the last few decades. More, it is also an attempt to delineate different understandings of what 'Greek' or 'Experimental' may stand for, by means of zeroing in on the numerous, often overlapping, realities and micro-scenes that are associated with the former.

side A
01.Anestis Logothetis - Wellenformen (1981)
02.Dimitra Lazaridou-Chatzigoga - Intermittent (2011)
03.Panayiotis Kokoras - Sense (2013-14)

side B
01.Christos Michalakos - Frrriction (2012)
02.Free Piece of Tape Burning School (2012)
03.Ilan Manouach - Eminent (2017)
04.Anastasis Grivas + Theodoros Zioutos + Nicolas Malevitsis (2002)
05.Ilios Teleregataj - Hundoj (2010)
06.Michalis Adamis - Minyrismos (1966)

side C
01.Fani Konstantinidou - Coda (2015)
02.Scizhic InzC Puls.ar() - (miniature version) (2016)
03.Georgia Spyropoulos - BRUT (2009)
04.Panayiotis Velianitis - Pithoigia (1989)

side D
01.Iannis Xenakis - Voyage Absolu des Unari vers Andromède (1989)
02.Marinos Koutsomichalis - Sygxysis (2011)


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