Zeitkratzer - Whitehouse CD 28266

Zeitkratzer - Whitehouse CD 28266
William Bennett, the musical master mind of the band WHITEHOUSE has already worked with zeitkratzer at several occasions. And he also appears on the first track of this CD. Recorded live at the festival Musique Action in Nancy, France, you can get an impression of how the deep bass frequencies – produced by the huge orchestra drum, at some points as well by the beaten bass strings of the piano or by subtones of the horns - made vibrate not only the floor of the venue. At the same time high piping sounds, amplified violin harmonics, bitten clarinet tones attack the listener. A music with crystal clear or even neurosurgical precision. And one can hear voices all over – distorted from being spoken through a trombone, a French horn, phantom voices in the density of the sounds, etc. No electronic effects are used – it’s pure acoustic power!


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