Anthony Pateras / Chris Abrahams - Music in Eight Octaves CD 27716

Anthony Pateras / Chris Abrahams - Music in Eight Octaves CD 27716
Chris Abrahams: piano
Anthony Pateras: piano

"A multi-octave delirium at the summit of sonic density. Recorded in 2005 in Melbourne, Chris Abrahams and Anthony Pateras multi-tracked 4 takes in each octave of the piano, superimposing them over each other to create a kaleidoscopic maelstrom pianistic energy in its purest form. Best known as the pianist from The Necks, this is a distinctly different outing for Abrahams, exploring a more maximalist energy and aesthetic than usual.

As with all Immediata releases, Anthony Pateras interviews his collaborators on the current state of creative music in the early 21st century. In this instance, Chris Abrahams provides a fascinating oral history of creative music in 1980s Sydney, covering topics such as his early influences, the formation of the Keys Music Association, inner city rock bands, working with Jamie Fielding and an extended discussion of his practice regime and approach to the keyboard.

This is the 11th release in the Immediata series, beautifully presented in citrine recycled cardboard, black hot stamped text on front, 24 page booklet and mastered by Lachlan Carrick at Moose Mastering.

Limited edition of 300 copies!


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