Urs Peter Schneider - Kompositionen (1960-2012) 3CD 27265

Urs Peter Schneider - Kompositionen (1960-2012) 3CD 27265
Creations from the work of Urs Peter Schneider, covering virtually all genres of music up to opera and operetta, can be listened to on almost 20 sound storage media; suspicious of authoritarian casts he mainly composes chamber music and pieces that fathom out the limits between language and music. Most of those productions do not content themselves with being a collection of various compositions; they are programmes that are composed right through, in which single pieces depend on each other and make up a whole cluster of meaning, comparable with the structures that are effective in single pieces of work. On the occasion of his 75th birthday he presents a triple CD which drives forward, or even carries to extremes, this method, conceptualizing a kind of triptych; casts, years of origin, approaches in regards to composition and many other characte- ristics are referred to each other in a meaningful way, even literary influences have their significance, up to actual language compositions. The first CD combines language with four different kinds of electronics, the third offers four realizations of pure language, all coming from his own kitchen; in the background of the second CD, tracks 2 and 5, language generates musical results directly through codification. Throughout the works of Urs Peter Schneider the listeners are given the opportunity to discover their own approach through his music; it is non-dramatic, non-hysteric, not dependent on cheap seduction and is full of enigmaticness. The 8 plus 6 plus 8 titles of the compositions may act as initial ignition for activities of the public; further suggestions are given in this booklet, which are also available without any obligations. In form of the triple CD each single work owes its appearance to always new approaches, and oddities with regards to content and structure are worth listening to with curiosity; humour, the true spirituality, will also play a big part as something essential that runs through the existence of the composer.