Mats Erlandsson - Selective Miracles 2MC 26965
[Posh Isolation]

Mats Erlandsson - Selective Miracles 2MC 26965
Mats Erlandsson is an electronic composer and musician based in Stockholm, Sweden where he, apart from his artistic activities, works as a studio assistant at Elektronmusikstudion (EMS). A student of music since the age of 10, Erlandsson holds a master’s degree in composition from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. While mainly focused on solo electronic music, he has also composed music for dance, chamber ensembles and work with live-electronics together with various collaborators.

”Selective Miracles” is Mats Erlandsson’s debut for Posh Isolation and the seven pieces divided onto these two tapes is a beautiful introduction to a new strong voice in Scandinavian electronic music. There are big emotions at play throughout the entirety of Selective Miracles. The pieces at times flow with a seemingly effortless ambience, at other times they hold the listener in a forceful grip. It is that relation, between tension and release, that makes it such a captivating experience.

Mats Erlandsson’s pieces are rich on drama but drama has rarely been seen dressed more elegantly.

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