Toshi Ichiyanagi - Drip Music CD 26946
[Omega Point]

Toshi Ichiyanagi - Drip Music CD 26946
Toshi Ichiyanagi (sound) + Yoji Kuri (manga)

Yoji Kuri is one of pioneer of experimental animation artist in Japan has acted since early 60's. Hi s name is well-known not only by many works full of 'black humour' in 60's-70's, but also the sound materials were made by avant-garde composers (Toru Takemitsu, Yoko Ono, Kuniharu Akiyama and others) This new edition is combined Ichiyanagi's unpublished tape work (it was sleeping at Kuri's studio 30 years) with Kuri's new written fantastic manga work inspired by the sound. Kuri told me that the sound was like dripping of drops of water, so I named this title. The modulated piano sound is just Ichiyanagi's 70's style, actually, a description 'synthesized piano space' was written on the origin al tape.

In 1966, "Yabunirami no Concert" (manga book with 7" single) was published by Kuri privately. This " Drip Music" is similar style issue since then.

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