Joji Yuasa - Miniatures of Concrete Works CD 26951
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Joji Yuasa - Miniatures of Concrete Works CD 26951
Nadja, Twincling in Stars (1963)
This is the incidental music, by NHK Radio, based on "Nadja" by Andre Breton who made "Declaration of Sur-Realisme". The actual chart of constellations was played by three players[1] (violin, piano and vibraphone) which was supposed as the music score. And birds' voices, electronic sound, sound generated from inside piano, through music concrete tecnique and constructed at the NHK Electronic Music Studio where my first so called pure electronic music "Projection Esemplastic for White Noise" was made in the same year 1963.

Music for a Cenotaph for Industrial Victims (1972)
This is the music for the unveiling ceremony of a cenotaph for the industrial victims, which was set in the woods of Tama hills suburb of Tokyo. The music consists of; A) Echoed "wooden bells" in the woods, made from lowered Marimba modurated by square wave. B) Various metamorphosed sounds reminding industrial works, for the offering flowers by the attendants. C) Again, reverbrant sound of the wooden bells for the refiring attendants from the celemony.

Music for the Main Pavillion of the Okinawa Oceanic Expo (1975)
This composition, music concrete work was made prepared for the Oceanic Expo in Okinawa prefecture in 1975. Folk music with an indigenous string instrument (Jamisen), voices of various sea birds, engine sound of a boat, metamorphosed instrumental sound which would remind wind and waves of the sea and chamber orchestral music[2] are combined and constructed. An Italian Folk Song is arranged for chamber orchestra and recorded by the composer as important sound source of this music concrete work, which should be listened as if a recurrent, dear old tune being swayed on the wind coming out of one's rememberance.

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