Joji Yuasa - Aoi No Ue CD 26949
[Omega Point]

Joji Yuasa - Aoi No Ue CD 26949
MY BLUE SKY (No.1)“(1975)

"This CD contains one of my comprehensive work on music concrete "Aoi-no-Ue" and my last electronic music "My Blue Sky (No.1)" before I went into computer music. "Aoi-no-Ue" is a noh-play composed by Ze-Ami in 15th century, based on famous "The Tales of Genji" written by Murasaki Shikibu in 11th century. The text is recomposed by me keeping original words. And it was sung in the style of Noh-chant by three brothers of Noh actor, Kanze Hideo, Hisao and Shizuo. This work "Aoi-no-Ue" is composed mainly based on metamorphosed sound of Noh-chant. The other sound is concrete sound such as birds songs, water drops, glasses, warped sound of vibraphone, some generated electronic sound and others. My Blue Sky (No.1) is a special electronic work for me, for most of my other works on this field are based on White Noise. Where as only this piece is exceptionally using the other generated sound. However, my thoughts on denying to use so called bare generated waves such as sine, square triangle or saw are not changed. In this work only 'clicks', 'pulses' and various kinds of 'beats' induced from them, varying piches, width and their frequency of the pulse are adopted. For example I controlled successively occuring pulses of low frequency of sine wave by means of triggering with the frequency of square wave."

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