Julius Eastman / Tomasz Sikorski CD 28088

Julius Eastman / Tomasz Sikorski CD 28088
When dealing with art, we deal with mystery - something that needs to be pursued but remains impossible to satisfyingly explain or define. The mystery is obviously present in the works of this unusual pair of composers: Julius Eastman and Tomasz Sikorski.

When we couple these artists that appear to have little in common, we eventually reach a degree of affinity, compatibility, or harmony on two levels. The first is an aesthetic affinity. It can be said that both composers simply based their musical language on repetition. Yet it is not simply a matter of minimal music, because Sikorski was no typical minimalist, although he limited his compositional means to an absolute minimum, a residue. Eastman, on the other hand, could be called a maximalist, which is a strange type of minimalism.

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