Lucia Mense - Electronic Counterpoint CD 23495

Lucia Mense - Electronic Counterpoint CD 23495
New compositions for flute and live electronics
Marc Sabat: Erbsen (2009)
Manfred Stahnke: ImpansionExpansion (2008)
Sascha Lemke: Re:re:re - Teil 2 (2009)
Ulrich Krieger: Black Smoker (2009)
Georg Hajdu: Tsunami (2009)

"'in principle there is nothing wrong with you writing for four recorders', admitted morton feldman although he reserves little hope for the success of recorder music. his view on electronic instruments is similarly critical. with this in mind lucia mense's program electronic counterpoint had a hard time of it, for the recorder player from cologne dares the seemingly asynchronous feet on her new solo cd of uniting a wealth of diverse recorders with live electronics. the musician, who is active in classical as well as contemporary music chose for her program composers who would write specifically for this combination. the recordings from the live recital now appear on satelita musikverlag, the cologne based label for experimental music. the results of this experiment are marked by hybrid forms; a fresh sound, humor and intensity. sounds on the borderline between tone and noise, micro-tonal harmonics and algorithmic compositions meet real- time interactive computer-controlled processes." (label info)

CD Digipack with 12 pages booklet