Arturo Ruiz Del Pozo ‎– Composiciones Nativas CD 26378

Arturo Ruiz Del Pozo ‎– Composiciones Nativas CD 26378
Recommended release of late 70’s electroacoustic tape music by Peruvian composer Arturo Ruiz Del Pozo. "Music for Native Peruvian instruments and Magnetophonic tape created in the Electronic music studio of the Royal College of Music of the University of London between 1976 and 1978. The original material recorded on magnetic tape was transferred to digital, with the valuable help of Carlos Vasquez."

Compositional Concrete Music techniques as Loops (repetitive tape fragments), Variable Speed (faster or slower playback of tape), Superimposition (several channels recording), Polyrhythm (simultaneous execution of fragments with different tempos), Polytonality (simultaneous execution of fragments with different tonality looking for harmonization), Aleatory Mix (fusion of melodies, rhythms, textures, etc. produced randomly.) Microtonality (use of variable tuning microtones), Tape Echo ; coupled with creative techniques as Free Improvisation, Classic and Twelve-tone Harmony, Leitmotiv, Dynamics, Structure, etc.; were used with a coherent elaborated logic trying to create a unifying style of works that arose with spontaneous enthusiasm during the course of time.

The expressive character of NATIVE COMPOSITIONS, while being own and unique in the development of each work, can be defined as relaxing because the set of works conveys a meditative state of consciousness that brings us to the longing for inner peace so important and necessary in our lives.

By the encounter of the special sonority of Native Peruvian Instruments with academic techniques of musical composition at that time (management, development and process of sound elements physical and specifically recorded at tape), NATIVE COMPOSITIONS achieves a unique result in form, style, and artistic expression; driving us to a contemplative state of the amazement of existence.

TWO ORIGINAL WORKS. Chamber Music ©Arturo Ruiz del Pozo PERU: D quartet (strings). KANON EXPANSIVO octet (strings and woodwinds).