Tom Johnson - Orgelpark Color Chart 22537

Tom Johnson - Orgelpark Color Chart 22537
Composition for 4 organs recorded at Orgelpark, Amsterdam. Performed by Geerten van de Wetering – sauer organ, Hans van Haeften – verschueren organ, Jeroen Koopman – molzer organ, Dorien Schouten – van leeuwen organ.

The Orgelpark, accommodated in the restored Parkkerk (church) monument in Gerard Brandtstraat in Amsterdam, is aimed at presenting the organ in a new light, thus according it a place in current musical activities. The organ is the thread running through the varied Orgelpark activities programme with some 100 activities programmed each season, such as concerts for a variety of fans – of classical music (after 1870), jazz and improvised music. There are concerts combined with other art forms, such as dance and film. Master-classes, symposia and exhibitions are also organised. Moreover, the Orgelpark is being utilised as a working area for young talent from Dutch and foreign conservatoires. And new compositions are being commissioned regularly. Where formerly the organ was used primarily in service of the church building, in the Orgelpark the building is in the service of the organ and its music.